Meet Joseph Dagher

Joseph Dagher started in health and fitness 11 years ago, right from his home in South Australia. The only other health and fitness experience he had, was playing sports in with his high schools such as football and rugby league. He stumbled into the world of health and fitness, thanks to his mother. His mother believed, he needed to have the mental discipline to turn his life around. Joseph grew up differently to your average children these days. Surrounded by domestic violence, drugs, gangs and the street life; he had no choice, but to, either become a part of it, or get out of it.

 Joseph has achieved many great things to be proud of. Joseph became the Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) beginner National Bodybuilding Champion, and was recognised by all judges. In 2017, Joseph completed the 250km Big Red Run, across the Simpson Desert. Joseph also finished the 100km Oxfam Trail Walker twice in 2016 and 2018. Three weeks later in 2018, he ran his first marathon ever, in 4 hours and 2 minutes. Joseph has fought competed as a Muay Thai boxer and has fought in the ring two times. There are many other events over this five year period, that have led to the pinnacle of success that he has currently reached.


“It is my personal goal to help over 10,000 people reach their health and fitness goals”

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