Meet Lorah Chetcuti

In 2006, Lorah reached her biggest weight. She was 135kg. Desperate for a solution, she opted to have bariatric surgery. Lorah underwent a full Gastric Bypass (This is more severe than a Gastric Sleeve, and more permanant than a Gastric Band). Lorah lost over 60 Kilos over the course of the next 12 months. But not long after, eating became less restrictive and the weight gain began. 

Lorah has been on her own weightloss journey, In 2016 Lorah met Joseph at a Personal Training Studio. With Joseph Dagher as her personal trainer, Lorah has managed to lose over 50kg…….and keep it off. 


In 2016, Lorah had regained her weight and was 127kgs. She went on to try different weightloss programs, but none that were effective long term. In July 2016, weighing 120.5kgs, she met Joseph Dagher. Over the next 12 months, Lorah lost 25kgs.

After completing the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker event in August 2017 in a team of 4, Lorah had  a new mindset. She was determined to reach her goal weight, and Joseph who inspired Lorah to attempt the event, was full of encouragement.

With renewed vigor, Lorah had decided that it was time to be extremely disciplined with her food and exercise. Lorah signed up to do a 9 week weightloss challenge. During the challenge, and with a new mindset, Lorah lost 18.6 kilos in 9 weeks.

In December 2017 Lorah reached her goal weight of 70kg. And to her credit, has kept it off ever since.


Some media outlets talked about her accomplishments:

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