What Is The 8 Week Challenge?

The 8 week challenge is designed to help you set a goal and achieve it within a collective group, within this group is many individuals like yourself that want to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

We have 3x categories which are Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Weekly Fitness Challenges. Day 1 starts today on the 18th of July.

When it comes to achieving goals it’s important to stop a second, analyse, plan and action! If we do not have a plan we can often find ourselves coming short of our goals. This is also true for your health and fitness goals. 

How To Get The Most Accurate Evolt360 Body Scan

  • Ensure scan is done same time of the day
  • Be well hydrated from the day before
  • Eat the same food the day before
  • Consume the same medication/supplements
  • No caffeine prior to scan
  • No training before scan

Nutrition is the biggest contributor to results when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. It accounts for 75% of your result so it’s always best to plan your nutrition. You do not even have to meal prep to get great results, you just have to make the right choices when you are going through your regular day. Here are some tips to help you get your nutrition on track:

Best Practices For Fat Loss 

  • Always make your Evolt Calories the daily target for food consumption.
  • Complete a minimum of 3-4 hours of total training per week, 2 hours should be cardio with your heart rate over 120BPM to be in the ‘fat burning zone’.
  • Drink at least 2L of water/day.
  • Consume a protein shake within 30 mins of finishing weights training to maximise recovery and maintain muscle while losing fat.

Best Practices For Muscle Gain

  • Always make your Evolt Calories the daily goal for food consumption.
  • Complete at least 3x weights sessions per week focusing on all muscle groups, PT weights sessions are included.
  • If doing cardio, it’s best to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) instead of long steady state cardio, this will make sure you do not lose much muscle mass.
  • Consume a protein shake within 30 mins of finishing weights training to maximise recovery and boost muscle growth.

Meal Prep

When it comes to preparing your meals, it’s always best to consider to cook once and eat twice, you may want to think about cooking enough dinner to eat it for lunch the next day. Or for the super motivated, cook once and freeze for the week, if you don’t have time to cook, subscribe to a meal prep company. Whether you prefer fresh or frozen meals, you can always meal prep with great time efficiency. It’s best to avoid foods high in sodium such as cold meats and long life foods found on the middle isles in grocery stores with long expiry dates.

  • Invest in a food scale
  • Weigh all meats raw
  • Weigh rice, vegetables and anything that absorbs water cooked
  • Weigh cereals/oats/nuts as is.
  • Consider preparing 3-4 servings of your food to save time on cooking.
  • Using an oven and cooking larger batches speeds up your cooking time.
  • Consider if preparing food for the family, prepare your own portions of what you have made for them. It’s also great to give them better options of food too! 😉
  • Coles & Woolworths now stock fresh, non frozen calorie counted meals in there fridge section.

Time Management

With adulthood comes a range of commitments such as work, school, kids, friends, family, events, life and more. Allocating set time to all the important responsibilities and commitments in your life in line with your training is key to your success to achieve your health goals. To get the best possible results requires consistency with your training and nutrition, only allow them to suffer under extreme circumstances. Do your best to show up to your sessions and planned classes/workouts, do your best to always be on track with your nutrition.


When you’re set with your nutrition and schedule it’s time to put in the work! At Shape we believe in working smart and hard, not just working hard. With the right plan and right actions you can achieve all the awesome results you have dreamed of. Look back at the top of this email for best tips on fat loss, muscle gain and fitness.

We can’t wait to see you achieve all the awesome goals you have set, let’s make it happen and let’s shape your life!

The Shape Team <3