Congratulations on taking the first step in starting our 8 week challenge! We are excited to be with you every step of the way. We are always happy to help as well so if you ever have questions or need help with anything regarding your mental health, nutrition or exercise reach out to your trainer or management and we will be happy to assist as best as we can.

Understanding Your Evolt360 Scan

In the previous email we sent, we advised you on the best way to get the most accurate scan. Please do your best to stick to these guide lines. Having a baseline to start from is a great way to track and measure your progress. The Evolt360 scan tracks more than just your weight. Below is a screenshot of what a scan looks like once completed. Keep scrolling and let’s break it down. Keep in mind the numbers in the box should always be compared to your total body weight as a good indicator of where you’re at.

Basic Details

This area at the top displays your basic details input into the Evolt scanner. It shows the date of the scan completed, name, height, weight (always 1kg lighter than regular scales), age and sex. 

Mass Column

This column is all the ‘good’ numbers. If you are on a fat loss program, your best bet is to maintain your baseline numbers or see them improve a little bit as you are in a calorie deficit and science doesn’t let you build a lot of muscle while trying to lose fat. If you are on a muscle gain program, these numbers should increase as you follow the program with your trainer. The end goal is to have the rating of ‘high’ in all categories, to be in the high category you need to exceed the numbers displayed in the top right corners of the boxes.

Lean Body Mass: This is everything on your body in KG excluding fat. Think of bones, fluid, muscle, tissue and minerals.

Skeletal muscle mass: This is all your muscles displayed in KG, think of biceps, triceps, pectorals, latissimus dorsi etc. To increase this complete at least 2x weights sessions/w.

Protein: This is how regular you eat, if you eat 3 meals with protein in each one this is a great way to get a high rating. 

Mineral: The more minerals you have on your bones the more they are protected and reduce risk of old age Osteo. 3-4 is ok, 4-5 is good, 5+ is great. To increase this complete weights training, vitamin D, exposure to sunlight 10 mins/day and add spices/minerals to your food.

Total Body Water: This is how much water your body is currently holding, drink at least 2L of water per day to stay hydrated, or if you are a perfectionist, 1L per every 25kg of body weight is the amount you should drink. 

Fat Column

This column is all the ‘bad’ numbers. If you are on a fat loss program, this is where you will see the most difference in numbers as you follow our program and complete ongoing scans. If you are on muscle gain it’s normal to see these numbers increase.

Body Fat Mass: This is fat in KG on your body, you will never get this to 0 as you will just be skin, muscle and bones. For both males and females depending on your body composition the optimal fat in KG on your body should be 10-15kg. Subcutaneous and Visceral fat combined make this number.

Subcutaneous Fat Mass: This is your superficial fat found underneath your skin. This is the fat we see when we look in the mirror and we want to get rid of it. In large amounts this fat is dangerous.

Visceral Fat Mass: This is the dangerous fat around your organs linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and other chronic diseases. 

Viscera Fat Area: This is a rough circumference of your visceral fat

Total Body Fat Percentage: This is your body fat in percentage compared to your lean body mass. To reduce this number faster, maintain your muscle mass and reduce your fat.

Baseline Details

This column displays your baseline numbers and where you’re at.

Visceral Fat Level: This is directly linked to your visceral fat in KG, 10+ will display ‘over range’, 9 to 4 is balanced, 3 and under is optimal.

ICF and ECF: As long as the percentage adds up to 100% you have no cell damage and should not concern yourself with this too much. This is more for the elderly with damaged cells.

BMR: This is how many calories you burn at rest, based on what you told the Evolt360 scanner, you sleeping a good 6-8 hours will result in the calories displayed here.

TEE: Based on what we told the Evolt360 in terms of activity level, this is how many calories on average you burn per day.

Bio Age: This is how old your body is compared to your actual age. The better the numbers the lower your bio age is, making your body more efficient.

BWI Score: This is a ‘rating’ from the scanner. 6 and under means your health needs attention. 6-7 means you are in the average and have some work to do, 7-8 means you’re well on track, 8-9 means you’re doing great, 9-10 means you’re an athlete!

Segment Analysis

This section of the scan is useful if you have muscle imbalances or are body building and need to focus on symmetry. It displays fat/muscle ratios on your seperate limbs.

Calories & Macronutrients

These are the numbers you should be working towards and reaching every single day to achieve your goals. If you want a great lifestyle it’s best just to track your calories, if you prefer a diet it’s best to track your macros. We advise tracking calories with nutrient dense healthy foods as it’s more sustainable. If you are on a fat loss  program the calories displayed will be lower than your ‘TEE’, if you are muscle gain they will be higher than your ‘TEE’. 

1g of protein is equal to 4 calories, 1g of carbohydrates is equal to 4 calories and 1g of fat is equal to 9 calories. If you do some maths your macros will equal to your calories. When we make your meal plan we will do our best to hit your daily calories and also your macros.

Program & Supplements

Based on your goals and what you told the Evolt360, you will see an ‘X’ in the circle of your program. To the right is your supplements, the ones we recommend you take are whey protein (we stock this for $60 per 1kg bag), multivitamins to keep your body nourished with micro nutrients and greens to help with gut health and digestion.