Weight Loss Bible (EBook)

Take Control Of Your Life



How many times have you said to yourself “Today is the day, i’m going to stay on track with my food and exercise”? You may stay on track for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years. You then lose that spark of inspiration and motivation only to find yourself repeating old habits which then increases cortisol production in your body also known as stress. Does this sound too familiar? This is how I used to travel through life, always finding myself repeating old habits derailing my health and fitness progress. In my book I share with you the first and most important step, getting your mind in the right focus. I share with you the exact methods i’ve used over the last 5 years to stay in tip top shape.


Did you know nutrition is over 70% of your result? Most people i’ve met in my lifetime fail to understand nutrition and how it works with the body. As an example you may not know this but 1 avocado is equivalent to 2 slices of white bread. In terms of nutritional value, you know that the avocado is more organic and has more nutritious value. This is just one example of how nutrition really does matter.

The Weight Loss Bible makes it easy to understand nutrition, and will also show you how to calculate the exact amount of food your body needs to achieve the health and fitness goals you desire.


Just because exercise is 30% of your result does not mean you can neglect it or put little effort in. Exercise is essential to seeing physical change in your body composition, it helps keep the fat you’ve lost off due to increase in muscle tone. 

Exercise also releases the good feeling chemicals from your brain known as serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine. These chemicals help you stay in a healthy state of mind and recent scientific studies show that exercise works like medicine for the body strengthening the immune system naturally.

Why The Weight Loss Bible?

It’s taken me over 10 years to discover these methods and procedures described above. I made every mistake you can think off when trying to achieve my health and fitness goals. I wish 10 years ago I had someone come to me with a book like this, it would of pushed me faster towards my goals and I would not have to do years of study and research to achieve my health and fitness goals.

This book is not a story of fiction, rather I give you the science of how the brain, nutrition and exercise all work hand in hand. If one of these is missing then you will forever be fighting an uphill battle. I have made it very simple to follow the steps shown in the book, it’s full of practical knowledge you can use and implement straight away! 

To give you an example, at the current time of writing this paragraph, my personal training gym is closed due to Covid-19 (we initially lost 95% of our business), and also my grandma is in hospital due to a stroke and is unable to talk, only move her left hand and eye balls, it’s only a matter of time now before nature takes it’s course. However I myself do not allow myself to make excuses to stop me from keeping the success I have attained with my health and fitness, I am still training every day and eating the right foods for my body type. Most people that go through challenges similar to this end up falling off track with their nutrition and exercise. One may ask why?

The reason is due to the mind set not being conditioned or ready for such events, therefore most will experience fear, procrastination, excuses and ‘no time’ as most people convince themselves that the problem or challenge they are facing should have all attention focused on it and nothing else matters.

What if I told you told you that no matter how tough it gets, you can still stay on track not just with health and fitness, but career, relationships and every day life by following the 3 steps of mindset, nutrition, and exercise. These are explained in detail and also give you practical guides on how to stay on top of all 3.