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We don’t beleive in fast and furious when it comes to being in shape.

At Shape, it’s all about figuring out the best plan for you. One that you can be excited about, that gets you results, and makes you fell your best.

Before we work with ny client, we meet with the, to do a full assessment.

We’ll figure out where you are.

Where you want to be.

And how to get you there.

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    I’ve been in the fitness industry for 13 years…

    And I put everything I learned about getting into the best shape of my life, maintaining my results, competing in athletic events, and more – into 1 Easy Guide.

    Look, you don’t need new or shiny strategies to help you with weight loss.

    You need the fundamentals that have worked for thousands of others and clear reasons why and how they can work for you too. In The ABC Fundamentals of Weight Loss, you’ll find:

    ✔ My Favorite Diet & Beverage Hacks for Getting & Maintaining Shape

    ✔ The Exercise Strategies That Get You Fast Results

    ​✔ The Mindset Shifts That Kept Me Disciplined

    P.S. You’ll also learn the truth about whether breakfast is really worth all of the hype, the power of green tea, realistic expectations for your weight loss journey, and how protein and supplements can help you reach your goals faster

    Meet Joseph Dagher

    I’ve been a part of the health and fitness industry for 13 years, starting with playing football and rugby in high school to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I stumbled into the world of health and fitness thanks to my mother. She believed that the industry would give me the mental discipline to turn my life around. After being surrounded by domestic violence, drugs, gangs, and street life, I had no choice but to either become a part of it or get out.
    I read and researched everything I could find about what was working in fitness, and what wasn’t. And I was able to prove to everyone around me that Muay Thai was just the beginning. I went on to become the Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Beginner National Bodybuilding Champion, and was recognised by all judges. In 2017, I completed the 250km Big Red Run, across the Simpson desert. I also was able to finish the 100km OxfamTrail Walker twice, in 2016 and 2018. Three weeks later in 2018, I ran my first marathon, in 4 hours and 2 minutes.
    Despite my athletic achievements, I still wasn’t able to achieve the physique I wanted. 
    But once I finally cracked the code, my physical health improved along with my mental health and belief system. And I’m ready to share this with you too. 
    While I was working as a personal trainer for an international franchise, I achieved the Most Valued Peer (MVP) of the year in 2016 and Personal Trainer of the year in 2017. I also helped over 200 clients achieve their fitness goals, during this time. Some lost over 50 kilograms while others competed in ultra marathons. 
    I have also trained clients to compete in physique and bodybuilding competitions while helping others create a sustainable weight loss plan. I continue to work with one-on-one clients daily to help them achieve their goals. I’ve made it my personal mission to help over 10,000 people achieve the body they dream of using this simple system. 
    In April 2019, to achieve this goal, I started and created the company Shape Personal Training with my client Lorah, who has lost 50kg with me over 18 months. And I’m pumped to share this vision with you, moving forward.

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