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How to Create Consistency

What is Consistency?

Consistency is the adhearance to the same principles or course. Consistant behaviour or treatment. Acting in the same way over time. 

Why is Consistency Important?

When we act or behave in a consistent way, we can set a standard for our results. We can create some measured expectancy of what we can achieve over time based on our consistent efforts. If we adhere to our nutrition and exercise goals, we will see a positive result and gain some traction to move towards our longer term goals. 

How do I create consistent behaviours?

Create your SMART goals. Consistency is easier when we have a clear idea of where we want to go. Create some smaller steps to achieve along the way to the end goal. 

Create a schedule or plan for your time. Schedule your triaining sessions. Set aside time in your week for grocery shopping and plan and prepare meals if you are busy during day. Plan ahead and be prepared. Make sure you plan some time for rest too. 

Set an alarm for meal breaks and water breaks, or for time set aside in your planner to instill your consistent behaviours. 

Maintaining Consistent Behaviours

Consistancy is not perfection. Plan ahead for mistakes or unscheduled setbacks and failures. There are many external factors that may impact the best made plans at anytime. It is important not to beat yourself up about it. Even the most well organised people can slip up sometimes. Encourage yourself to get back on track as soon as possible. If you miss the gym one day, get straight back into it the following day. 

Rest and Recharge

Dont forget to allow yourself time to rest and recharge. You could try our Yoga Classes or meditation. Make it a priority. Don’t push aside personal time for other responsibilities. When you become tired and stressed its easy to let your goals slide for a day. Motivate yourself and create some compromise. For example if you dont feel like cooking today, then pick up a salad or healthy bite rather than fast food. Always aim for 7-9 hours sleep each night too. 


Hold yourself accountable. Recognise when you dont reach your goals and standards, and consider if your goals are realistic, or what you could improve or do better. At Shape Personal Training we will help with keeping you accountable to your goals. We will measure your progress and help understand if we are on track or if we need to modify the plan or actions. If you dont hit the mark that you are aiming for, dont beat yourself up, or enter into negative self talk. What matters is that we keep working towards consistency and our goals. Give yourself time to see change. Implementing new habits can take time to establish. 

Building Willpower

You will need to build willpower, as consistency is the ability to perform even when you don’t feel like it. Avoid temptation. Surround yourself with fresh food that is ideally suited to your goal. Eliminate the foods that are not suitable for your end goal. Connect with people that support your goals. These people will be a postive influence on your health goals and make it easier to adhere to the consistent efforts by helping you avoid temptation to detract from these. Avoid exhaustion. To motivate yourself, remind yourself of the long term benefits of the new consistent behaviours. 

Eliminate the Negative Self Talk. 

Negative self talk will hinder your ability to achieve consistency and willpower. If you catch yourself thinking “I can’t do this” , turn it around and tell yourself “I can do this”, or “Im going to practice this, and improve at this”. Always change the negative thought pattern to a positive or neutral thought pattern. 

-What we think, we become. – Budha

If you would like help to set goals and work towards consistent behaviours we are here to help you. We will help to set goals, keep you accountable to these, motivate you when you need it most, and monitor and measure your results. Contact Shape Personal Training today on 1300 803 889, or email . We are here to help you Shape your life. 

By Lorah Chetcuti