Lose 10kg in 12 Weeks Guaranteed!

We are all about results at Shape Personal Training, and we stand behind our claims. We believe in the success of our members and the quality of our program so much, that we can guarantee that you too, are able to lose 10kg in 12 weeks. In fact, we will offer a money back guarantee. If you give us your commitment to follow our program for 12 weeks we will guarantee that you will lose 10kg in 12 weeks or your money back!. Thats right, we will refund the cost of the program, if you adhere to the program and don’t lose 10kg in your first 12 weeks.

Whats involved?

We will provide the training, advice, and accountability for you to get the result that you are aiming to achieve. Results are achieved by complying with the program. We will help you and guide you along the way. 10kg in 12 weeks is 833 grams of weightloss per week. We have had many clients achieve much more than this, but it is dependent upon your commitment to your goal. Did you know 1kg of weightloss is equivalent to approximately 7000 calories?. In order to attain this, you must first maintain a calorie deficit.

To understand your body composition and calorie targets, we use the latest advanced bio impedance analysis by Evolt. More details about the Evolt 360 scan can be found here. The Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser provides you with a full detailed report on what your body is made up of. It is a quick, non-invasive measure that requires you to stand on the device, after removing shoes and socks, grab on to the handles and wait for 60 seconds. The report will then fire to your profile on your app and print a detailed report. You can read about your report on our website or view a short video explaining what your results mean.

We will then add you to our Shape App, and help to design a meal plan based on your eating preferences including your likes / dislikes, food intolerances, cultural and religious considerations, and what works for your long term success. (This is not a fad for 12 weeks – we want to set you up with great new nutrition habits that you can continue well beyond the initial 12 weeks. )

The Shape Personal Trainers will help to keep you motivated and accountable. You will be weighing in each week with your trainer and at this time we can assist with any barriers or hurdles you may have encountered during the week.

Our Shape app has a Nutrition log, for you to log your food each day. It also integrates with other health apps including My Fitness Pal. This is an important step to ensure your success.

In addition to nutrition logs, we will assign you additional training to suit your lifestyle, ability, and even if you have any injuries, we can assign training to suit your body.

Complete the contact form or call us now to book your consultation. The guarantee is available to all clients who have in excess of 10kg to lose to achieve a healthy body weight. If you do not qualify for the guarantee i.e. if we determine that it is not healthy for you to attempt to lose 10kg in 12 weeks, we will advise you of this during your free consultation.

All of our programs are personalised and individualised depending upon the goals and effort of each individual. Individual results will vary from person to person.