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Losing Weight in 2020

New year’s resolutions bring about a desire to change. To improve ourselves, physically, emotionally and intellectually. But when we get past the hype, how do we stay on track?

In January we are feeling motivated. We are over the festive eating and ready to enjoy everything that summer in Australia has to offer. The long daylight hours, the fresh produce, bbqs and salads, outdoor activities, swimming and finding time for friends and family. 

But, what’s the best way to drop the excess kilos in 2020, and keep them off?. There are so many options, and almost all will work.. short term. Meals delivered, intermittent fasting, food pyramid, Paleo, Atkins, radical diets, starvation, excessive exercise, shakes, prescription diet pills, bariatric surgery. I’ve tried them all. 

The best results will be achieved from a long term, lifestyle approach. For me, this came down to a combination of efforts. 


For me, I have always found a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. A calorie deficit can be achieved by tracking and counting calories, and or macros. If you count the calories you consume, you can subtract your Basal Metabolic Rate*, and calories burned through intentional exercise. A daily deficit of 1000 calories should result in 1kg weightloss per week. 

*BMR can be determined by a bio-analysis. Contact Shape Personal Training  on 1300 803 889, to book a scan. 


When everything seems to be falling apart, don’t give up… ever. Acknowledge what went wrong, accept it, and get back on track as fast as you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this will only bring about further detriment. My journey to 50kgs weightloss took 17 months. If I gave up, during the difficult days, weeks or months, that felt like I was going nowhere, I would have gone backwards. In fact after 1 year, I was contemplating it. I didn’t, I kept going, pushing past the hard times and beyond. 

Cardio and Strength Training 

To improve your metabolism we need to increase our muscle and decrease our fat. Strength training is undeniably beneficial for everyone. I don’t mean bodybuilding or powerlifting. I mean reducing visceral fat (around our organs) and increasing skeletal muscle and lean muscle. This in turn increases our BMR, along with improving our health and is anti-aging. Leaving us less prone to injury, and illness. Cardio is a term that relates to heart health. Cardio training is essential to keep the ticker in optimum condition. 

Challenge your comfort zone 

Don’t sit idle, and let the days, weeks, and years pass by. The satisfaction that results from achieving goals beyond your dreams is nothing short of astounding. I never imagined completing a half iron man (7hrs of continuous swim/ride/run) This was inconceivable in 2016 at 40 years old and 120kg. But last month, I finished well ahead of my expectations. Set some big goals and go for it.

Personal Training 

For me, the key to each of the above factors was hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help with your nutrition, accountability, motivation, strength and cardiovascular training, and so much more. Group classes are a way to help burn calories and improve fitness too. A personal trainer can see past your self doubt. They believe in you when you are ready to give up on yourself. Challenge yourself. Set goals and take small steps each day to achieving them. In fact I have become a personal trainer and gym owner myself, to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle too.

If you would like more information or advice, I can be contacted at Shape Personal Training Pty Ltd, North Strathfield. Or, come in for a free consultation. Phone 1300 803 889, or by email at 

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