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Shape Newsletter 29/06/2023

Quote Of The Week

Those Who Say They Can & Those Who Say They Can’t Are Both Usually Right.

Our Top 5 Tips To Beating The Cold This Year!

Summer Bodies Are Shaped In Winter

1. Stay Active: Don't let the cold weather discourage you from exercising. Train indoors at our facility with regulated temperature to keep your body temperature at peak performance!

2. Dress Appropriately: Layer your clothing to stay warm and adjust your attire based on the temperature. Wear moisture-wicking and insulating materials, a hat, gloves, and warm socks. Don't forget to protect your extremities and cover exposed skin to prevent cracked skin/knuckles.

3. Hydrate: It's easy to forget about hydration during winter, but staying hydrated is important regardless of the season. Drink water regularly, even if you don't feel as thirsty as you do in warmer weather. You can also enjoy warm herbal teas or soups to keep yourself hydrated. Keeping hydrated will make sure you are flushing your body from toxins reducing the chances of catching a cold.

4. Boost Your Immune System: Cold and flu viruses are more prevalent in winter. Maintain a healthy immune system by sticking to your nutrition plan, eat fruits, vegetables, and foods that have little to no processing. Taking Vitamin C and D will also help boost your immune system. Get enough sleep, manage stress, and consider taking immune-supporting supplements if recommended by a healthcare professional.

5. Practice Cold and Flu Prevention: Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water, especially before meals. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of germs.

Get 6x PT sessions for $300

To maximise results this winter, we are offering all current Shape members on Personal Training programs 6x Personal Training sessions for $300 on top of your current Personal Training program. If you like more information on this offer speak to your trainer or management.


For the Next 2 weeks on Thursday the 6th of July and Thursday the 13th of July at 9:00am, our Personal Trainer Luis will be running group classes to keep your kids active during the school break! If you would like to register your kids for these classes reach out to Joe or Lorah or email us at


If you have not used your active kids vouchers, reach out to us and we can help you get your kids moving!

31 day challenge

Join the 31 day fitness challenge! This challenge was designed to keep you moving through the coldest month of the year. This challenge consists of short daily body weight workouts that can be done from home, the gym or the great outdoors. This challenge is free for all current members on PT programs, to register you just need to inform your trainer or management. Let’s get in the best Shape of our lives together!

The Shape community will be attending and completing the City2Surf on 13 August 2023! If you would like to complete this awesome event with us speak with your trainer or reach out to Joe or Lorah. Let’s smash it out champions!