Ready to take the next step on your fitness journey?

Lets make those goals come true.

You Don’t Need Help to Reach Your Fitness Goals…

If you have all of the time, patience, and discipline in the world.
But here’s the thing…
Trying to hit that weight loss goal or hit the gym regularly isn’t easy.

Otherwise, everyone would do it, right?

Figuring out the best workouts for your goals…
Researching the hundreds of diets out there…
Relying on your unreliable scale to tell you if you’re making progress…
Guessing when it comes to your form for any exercise…

But here’s what I’ve learned after 13 years in the industry.

You don’t get any special prizes for trying to figure it out alone.

After working with hundreds of clients on every goal from fat loss, to muscle gain, to marathon training, and more…

I’ve learned that a few things can almost guarantee results.
(And no, it’s not something trendy like crossfit or a keto diet.)

It’s Having the Help of an Expert, Accountability & A Group of People In Your Corner ✅

so it’s time to



❌ Disorganized & “Wing It” Workouts
❌ Being Afraid of Tracking Progress
❌Trying To Do It Alone
❌Fad Diets That Make You Hungry
❌ Yo-Yo Weight Loss and Gain

✔️A Structured & Custom Training Plan
✔️Regular Measurements & Scans to Track Your Goals
✔️Expert Trainers to Help You Step-By-Step
✔️A Sustainable Meal Plan You Love
✔️Consistent and Manageable Progress

Let’s Make That Happen ⬇️

Shape Personal Training is an all-in-one fitness facility with state-of-the-art equipment, certified trainers, group fitness classes, child activity options, and more.

And above all else, it is the place to make your fitness goals come true, even if going to the gym is last on your list of “fun” activities.

Here’s How:

✔️Free, no strings-attached consultation to assess your goals

✔️Measurements and scans during your first training session to see exactly where you’re at

​✔️Cert 3 and Cert 4 personal trainers with years of experience

✔️Unlimited access to daily group fitness classes to keep you moving

​✔️Custom app to work with My Fitness Pal to keep you accountable

​✔️A supportive, strong community to cheer you on

​✔️Activities for children with licensed professionals

But What Makes Us Different Than “Any Other” Gym?

We believe in giving our clients access to the most up-to-date equipment, technology, and scanning methodologies on the market.

That’s why our clients are assessed using the Evolt 360 Scan and given access to our custom Shape App to make sure they have everything they need to crush their goals 🏃

Evolt 360 Scan

During your first training session, we’ll do a full body scan using the Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyser.
The Evolt 360 uses bio impedance technology (BIA). BIA sends a mild, safe current that travels through the body via the silver tactile points on the machine that determine the impedance and reactance of tissue within the body. 
From there it can determine the amount of Lean Body Tissue and Fat Tissue that makes up your total body weight. It is also important to assess whether your nutrition and training protocols are impacting upon your goals.
The Report contains significant detail that allows you to track and measure your progress over time. 

Shape App

✔️7,500+ exercises in HD Video & options to create unlimited, personalised workouts within the app
✔️Integrations with your Fitbit and Apple Watch and options to track and log your workouts
​✔️Nutrition information on over 65,000+ foods and Barcode Scanner
​✔️Macro Calculator and Unlimited Nutrition Plans to keep you accountable
✔️​Public calendar to book your group fitness classes that connects to your iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar
​✔️Chat features to keep in touch with your Personal Trainer

Shape Personal Training Owners
Joe and Lorah are the proud owners of Shape Personal Training

Here’s What People Are Saying…

So if you’re ready to feel strong, confident, and excited about your fitness goals, click the button below and let’s get to work 💪

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