Shape Online Fitness Solutions

Shape Online Fitness Solutions @ $20 per month

Shape online fitness solutions is brought to you by Shape Personal Training Pty Ltd. Shape online is the perfect oppourtunity to work on your health and fitness goals from wherever you are. Shape Online can come with you wherever you have a device and a connection. Whether you are stuck at home, or on holidays, or away for work, Shape Online has your solution.

On Demand Classes

Our Shape Online on demand classes offer workouts of different durations. We have many that include bodyweight only, as well as workouts for limited equipment. Some workouts are specific for certain types of equipment such as boxing, or bands workout. We also have simple exercises including barbells and dumbells if you have access to these at hom eor at the gym.

Live Classes

We offer live classes each week. These are live and conducted via Zoom Meetings. To install Zoom meetings click on this link: Live Zoom Classes  Our live classes include mostly bodyweight exercises. We also offer Live yoga classes and we will be introducing more live classes over time.


We have over 180 healthy recipies for you to try. All recipies include macro and claorie calculations, so that you can make good choices. Our recipe ingredients can be easily copied and pasted into your My Fitness Pal app for you to track your calories.

Exercise Demonstrations

With over 100 exercise demonstartion videos, we keep you safe and using the correct techniques. Like having a personal trainer on your device to instruct you in the do’s and dont’s of each exercise.

Meal Plans

We have several meal plans to suit you dietry and caloric goals, as well as your overall fitness goal. Whether that be to lose weight, add muscle, or just improve fitness, our meal plans will help you achieve your goals. Specific personalised plans are also available with our Personal Training Online options.

Exercise Plans

We have exercise plans to suit your goals. If you elect to include our Personal Training Online, we can devise an exercise plan specific to your needs and incorporating any barriers including injuries and access to equipment that you may have.

Online Personal Training

Our online personal training is extra to Shape Online. It compliments the access that you have. Once a week we will conduct a zoom meeting. Prior to the meeting we have a progress report that we ask you to answer and return. Our trainers will keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. We will set you weekly challenges and spend some time reflecting on the previous week before planning for the week ahead. Our meeting is 30 minutes, and during this time we will work with you on exercises and exercise progressions.