Shape Personal Training

Shape Reformer Pilates FAQ

Q. Is there a joining fee

A. No

Q. Do I need to be a member of Shape Personal Training?

A. No, you donโ€™t need to be a personal training client.

Discounts apply for Shape PT members,
for Shape Reformer Pilates classes.

Shape Reformer Pilates attendees have access to the Reformer Pilates Studio, and do not have access to Shape Personal Training Gym and Facilities.

Q. Is there a minimum term?

A. No, you can cancel a recurring purchase at any time.

Q. What if i donโ€™t use my class credits before my next payment?

A. Class credits expire

Q. Can I attend casual classes?

A. Yes, you can book and pay for a single class online. Or a package of 10, 20 or 50 Classes with a 12 month expiry to use.

Q. How do recurring credits and payments work?

A. When you create a recurring membership you choose how many credits are available in each period. For example you might say 3 credits per week. We will then provide 3 credits to your client account to use (or lose) within this period, then when we take the payment for the next renewal, we will add another 3 credits to your account.

Q. What happens if I book a class in 2 weeks time with my credit?

A. Clients can book beyond their renewal period as long as you or they havenโ€™t cancelled the renewal, and as long as they have relevant credits for the classes they are trying to book.

Q. How do I cancel or pause future renewals?

A. You can cancel future renewals, but only Shape can pause memberships. If you would like to pause a membership please send an email to and confirm the date for reactivation.

Q. If I pause, does the credit expire?

A. No, the membership will pause for the period you set and pick up where it left off after the pause.

Q. If I choose a Foundation membership (before 31/8) can I change the package I choose from 3 x class credits to 2 x class credits package?

A. Yes. Foundation Memberships are ongoing until cancelled. If you want to change a foundation product for another we can apply these changes. Please email request to

Q. Is there a weight limit for the reformers?

A. Yes, the limit is 160kg