TRAIN Consistent, TRAIN Strong.

The Foundation Of Youth Can Be Found Through Training Consistently every week.

Training is like your savings account, the more training you put in on a consistent weekly basis, the longer you will be well off in the future. You don’t need to train all day, every day, to see consistent results. You only need to exercise 4 hours minimum a week of structured exercise to see great results. This includes your personal training sessions, group classes, self guided weights sessions, self guided cardio sessions, power walking, swimming etc. On a fat loss program, 1-2 hours of your total training should be focused on weights and the other 2 hours should be cardio focused with your heart rate over 120bpm. On A muscle gain program, 3x weights sessions should be completed as a minimum every week.

Doing this every week on a consistent basis, in line with your nutrition routine, will start to show you the results you’re looking for. When you get started with us, your weights training is done with your trainer who will then prescribe you a training program to do on a weekly basis. Below is a short tutorial on how to track your training inside our Shape App.