Shape Personal Training

Your Health is our No.1 Priority

A Message for Our Tribe

We have a message for from our Shape team, to our Shape Family. We want to assure you all that your health is our highest priority. Above all else, we care about your health and wellbeing. We are always taking measures to keep you safe at Shape Personal Training. We operate as a team to keep the environment, clean and hazard free.

What we are Doing

We are regularly washing our hands and monitoring our surrounds to ensure cleanliness at all times. We have commercial cleaners that, on a regular basis, access the gym and clean all of our equipment and surfaces after hours.

Disinfectant Wipes

We provide disinfected wipes and dispensers at four different points within the gym. These wipes are for staff and members to freely use to wipe equipment and surfaces regularly. We have plenty of refills and encourage you to use these wipes before and or after your use of any equipment.Β 


We have hand sanitizer and soap hand wash available inside the gym for your use also. Our toilets and showers also have Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Hand moisturiser, and paper towel available also….. and plenty of toilet paper too. (picture of bathroom sinks)


We will communicate updates via our social media, whatsapp group, via SMS, and via email. Our members will hear from us, should we need to communicate any concerns. (links to socials)

What you can do

We would take this opportunity to remind you to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. If you need to cough or sneeze the best technique is to sneeze into your elbow. Avoid touching your face. We would request that our members stay home when feeling sick or under the weather. We would generally ask that you provide 12 hours notice to notify your Shape Trainer and will happily reschedule your missed session.

Stay Strong and Healthy

Lets keep our tribe strong, fit and healthy, and take care of one another. And, if you have any concerns, let one of our friendly Shape Trainers know. Stay Well Shape tribe Much Love The team at Shape